Fortress Gold Group Debuts Gold Webinar Series with Edmund C. Moy and Morgan Steckler

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A new webinar series on gold and silver investing with the former 38th Director of the United States Mint, Edmund C. Moy and Sales Director Morgan Steckler was announced today by Fortress Gold Group. The company plans to produce a series of interactive video discussions between precious metals experts and investors designed to educate and inform individuals who are interested in gold and silver investing.

On Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 1:30PM PST/ 4:30PM EST, Edmund C. Moy and Morgan Steckler will host the premiere episode of the webinar series entitled, “Protecting Your Retirement With Gold”. In this discussion, the pair will cover a variety of compelling topics ranging from Ed Moy’s experience serving as U.S. Mint Director and what it was like to work in the White House on September 11th, to how to find the right diversified investment strategy, the best forms of gold and silver to buy, and how to safely buy precious metals and minimize individual risk.

Fortress Gold Group’s Chief Strategist and Former United States Mint Director, Edmund Moy, oversaw the largest production of gold and silver coins in the world. His insider perspective and unparalleled experience should give viewers a unique insight into gold and silver investing. “Currently, we are living in a time of great economic uncertainty throughout the globe and it has always been my belief that one of the best forms of portfolio protection is owning physical gold and silver. Investors need to exercise caution before parting with their hard earned money to just any company,” says Edmund Moy. “This webinar series presents a wonderful opportunity for me to speak directly with investors interested in gold and silver and help them avoid some of the common mistakes people make when they make the decision to invest in precious metals.”

“There is a lot of noise in the media and a lot of misinformation published on the internet by fly-by-night gold companies that we think investors should avoid.” said Morgan Steckler, Director of Sales for Fortress Gold Group. “As one of the most well-regarded and reputable gold companies in America, part of our mission is to educate investors so they can separate the truth from these high-pressure sales pitches and make the best decisions for accomplishing their unique financial goals.”

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